Monday, 30 April 2001

Visiting with the Weasleys

I got to spend the second week of the Easter holidays staying with Ron Weasley and his family. It was very welcome after a week of Dursley hell. We had lots of family meals and magical boardgames like pocket quidditch and monopoly: wizard edition and chocolate dragon eggs. I was very helpful and cast lots of washing up spells. Ron's mother told me I was like the son she never had. When she said it, she squeezed my hand and we both looked at Ron, who was using a pivotum spell to make his Easter egg spin round. He did that for the whole Easter weekend.

Sunday, 29 April 2001

Back from holidays

Well, the easter break is over. I had to go back to my cupboard for the first week. My fat uncle wanted me to get a job at the all night garage round the corner. Screw that! Every time I see those stupid Durseleys I want to cast a murderium spell, but I always restrain myself from doing so as it would be ungentlewizardly of me. If only they knew how close they come to getting beheaded or turned into cats every time they look at me with their stupid fat faces.

Tuesday, 17 April 2001


It didn't work.

Again... I grow stronger.

Today is the most special of days diary, for today I will create the most powerful magic I have yet! Magic so magical it makes my scar glow even THINKING about it! The Mindblow-Amora Spell! Wow!

First, I must take a scraping of Unicorn horn, then a drop of Dragon's tear. Next, I must capture a rat's sense of fun before adding a slice of thinly-sliced ham. The last ingedient...a lock of my own hair!

I wouldn't tell Ron & Hermione this (or maybe I will after I've blown their minds) but I am very very proud of myself.

Tuesday, 10 April 2001

I will die tomorrow

Quidditch is tomorrow so once again I will be soaring through the sky upon my broomstick at high speeds trying to catch a magical ball which seems (although I am still not sure about this) to have a life all of it's own; a life it seems intent on spending trying to kill me. Quidditch is a dangerous game which I wish I hadn't become a part of.

Thursday, 5 April 2001

Sleep! I demand it!

I grow stronger. Last night I cast a Snoozeacluster spell upon myself & was asleep by 8.30pm without drinking my usual Magical Horlicks potion from Diagon Alley. All of my other Gryffindor chums fell asleep across the course of the evening too. I must remember to keep my magical powers under control...