Monday, 12 March 2001

End Of Term Show

I've been trying to write a rap to perform at the end of term show. I'm a bit stuck

Yo! I'm a wizard, check out my skills, they come right out my wand like lyrical spells.
I used to live under the stairs, Muggle-born, son of a Mudblood,
but check me out now sucker!
I'm a seeker, a player, a half-blood gangster, but all that aside I never raise my wand in anger.
A master in defense against the dark arts, I got more wizard gold than Gringotts' volts.
I'm known throughout the wizarding world, I got a cool scar, with Hermione and Ron by my side I'm gunna roll far.
Check out my owl fool.

That's all I've got so far.

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