Thursday, 15 March 2001

Making Neville Cry

Last night was such great fun! Ron's creepy twin brothers sneaked a Traumatisatotum potion into Neville Longbottom's cocoa & he went bananas! I laughed so much the scar on my forehead glowed bright red. Though it has meant all of us Gryffindor boys are all quite tired today. The Traumatisatotum potion made him cry throughout most of the night & we didn't get any sleep because of his weeping. I bet I wouldn't cry over a potion.

And you know what else diary? I'm sure I've heard some of the pupils here whisper my name as I walk by. At first I thought it may have been a Paranoidniogorgio Spell but it's happening more & more every day. Even some of the teachers seem to look at me funny too. Maybe it's my bright-red glowing, lightning-shaped scar. I'll ask Hermione, I bet she'll know.

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